A Workbox-inspired To Do List

July 20, 2009
A Hypersensitive's To Do List

Project Needs:

  • Laminating film
  • Paper to fit the film
  • sticky notes

I love using blank laminated paper for all sorts of schooly things (handwriting practice, math problems, drawing, etc) with either a wet- or dry-erase pen, depending, so thought that this might be a possibility for my daily To Do list as well.  I bought some pretty scrapbook paper, trimmed it to fit the laminating film, then divided the paper into morning, noon and night.  Next I laminated the paper, put a removable sticky strip on the back and put it on the refrigerator.  I trimmed sticky notes to about 1″ inch square and wrote one task per sticky and put them on the appropriate part of the day.  As I do each task, I simply take that sticky off my list and throw it away, gone forever, leaving a blessed oasis of nothing in its place.
< e x h a l e >  It’s a wonderful thing.