Variations on the Theme

December 31, 2010

Christmastide at Life in the Garden

If you only knew what a goofball I am, you’d know how amused I am that anyone has asked me about this wee blog design.  Check out the new Theme page (right up top) for my vast, unrivaled knowledge, or you can click here.  Should take you about 33 seconds to read it.  Evelyn Wood peeps, you get 2.7.

Cheers, and HEY – be safe out there tonight!  I want to see you all tomorrow. ❤


Hello Again

April 12, 2008

Hello blogosphere! Did you miss me? I’ve been wanting to get back on here forever, but life is what happens while you’re trying to think up a new name for your blog. ; )

Glad you stopped in, and I hope you enjoy your stay here.