Editable Workbox Planners are Up

I’ve finally gotten a bit of time to re-create the planners in an editable format.   They are Microsoft Publisher files and are very simple tables that will allow you to easily customize them to fit your needs.  (These planners are now letter-sized to better fit into files, crates, and binders.)

Look over there in the green “Clippings” box in the sidebar on the right.  The files are “WorkboxPlanner_Days1-5” and “WorkboxPlanner_MonFri”.  Feel free to edit to your heart’s content.

I hope that these files help in a small way to plan a smoother, better, more peaceful year for you and your family.

Have a wonderfully blessed school year, everyone!


5 Responses to Editable Workbox Planners are Up

  1. Can I just say that I need my glasses cleaned?

    Initially, for a brief space of time, I read:

    Edible Workbox Planners!

    What a great idea… meals and school all in one! 😛

  2. donnamarie says:

    LOL…now I *thought* you said “edible”
    I was hoping for a chocolate planner, myself…
    must be why I am so wishy-washy with planner format this year…
    Thanks for sharing, my friend!

  3. Beth says:

    Can you please tell me where you purchased your comb binder?

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