In Progress: A Younger Book of Days for Preschoolers!

I’ve been struggling to teach Pip (5 ½) the concept of days, weeks, months and years. The only idea I’ve had success with so far is the idea of “how many sleeps” it is until a particular day or event (“Nana will be here in ten more sleeps”).  He understands that very concretely, now it’s just translating and expanding that idea into the broader understanding of the passage of time.

I recently ordered The Catholic Woman’s Planner from Michele at Family-Centered Press (love her planner!); I also saw her Student Planner and ordered two for both Firstie and Middlin.  I hemmed and hawed about whether or not to order one for Pip and decided against it; he’s not there yet.

Thinking about that gave me some wonderful inspiration.  I’m in the planning phase of A Younger Book of Days,  a calendar book designed just for preschoolers, so stay tuned!

~ Blessings


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