St. Matthew Karol

July 30, 2009

Sweet baby Matthew Karol has gone home to Holy God, having lived the fullness and richness of the Catholic life:  love, suffering and the Sacraments.

God bless Emily, John and their whole family for their powerful witness to love and life.

Eternal Rest grant unto Matthew, O Lord, and let the Perpetual Light shine upon him.  May he and the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.


Urgent Prayers for a Miracle

July 27, 2009

A dear friend, Emily, and her unborn baby, Matthew, need everything you got.  Please pray with us and pass it on.

A Workbox-inspired To Do List

July 20, 2009
A Hypersensitive's To Do List

Project Needs:

  • Laminating film
  • Paper to fit the film
  • sticky notes

I love using blank laminated paper for all sorts of schooly things (handwriting practice, math problems, drawing, etc) with either a wet- or dry-erase pen, depending, so thought that this might be a possibility for my daily To Do list as well.  I bought some pretty scrapbook paper, trimmed it to fit the laminating film, then divided the paper into morning, noon and night.  Next I laminated the paper, put a removable sticky strip on the back and put it on the refrigerator.  I trimmed sticky notes to about 1″ inch square and wrote one task per sticky and put them on the appropriate part of the day.  As I do each task, I simply take that sticky off my list and throw it away, gone forever, leaving a blessed oasis of nothing in its place.
< e x h a l e >  It’s a wonderful thing.

Picture Thought: Happy.

July 16, 2009


Grape Snowman, edible media composition by William DeSmet.

All About Spelling: New Release & SALE!

July 11, 2009

All About Spelling has just released Level 5 and it’s 25% off until July 18th.  Double wonderful!

If you’re new to AAS, it’s a multi-sensory approach to spelling (sight, sound, touch) based on phonics.  It’s been a great help for our 7th grader to patch a few small potholes in the spelling road; for our 4th grader to go from a horrible speller to quite decent; and our preschooler has shot up to the moon with his spelling and reading, just by watching his brothers and playing with the magnet tiles on his own.  Not just for homeschoolers, AAS is an effective tool for classroom teachers and parents who want to help their students to achieve greater success as confident spellers.

I could write a book on why I love this curriculum, but I’ll spare us both.  ;^ )  It’s been a good one for us.



In Progress: A Younger Book of Days for Preschoolers!

July 10, 2009

I’ve been struggling to teach Pip (5 ½) the concept of days, weeks, months and years. The only idea I’ve had success with so far is the idea of “how many sleeps” it is until a particular day or event (“Nana will be here in ten more sleeps”).  He understands that very concretely, now it’s just translating and expanding that idea into the broader understanding of the passage of time.

I recently ordered The Catholic Woman’s Planner from Michele at Family-Centered Press (love her planner!); I also saw her Student Planner and ordered two for both Firstie and Middlin.  I hemmed and hawed about whether or not to order one for Pip and decided against it; he’s not there yet.

Thinking about that gave me some wonderful inspiration.  I’m in the planning phase of A Younger Book of Days,  a calendar book designed just for preschoolers, so stay tuned!

~ Blessings

New Lesson Plan File Uploaded

July 9, 2009

Instead of labeling days Monday through Friday, many prefer the labels of Day 1 through Day 5.  I did a little tweaking and the new pdf is in the green CLIPPINGS box on the right if you’d like to use it.  Look for “NumberDays” as the end of the file name.

Happy planning!