Sign this Petition for United Nations to Protect Families and the Unborn

Click. Sign. Share. (Please!)

December 10, 2008, brings an important measure to the floor of the United Nations.  Planned Parenthood and Maire Stopes International, two big pro-abort political machines, are trying to twist the original meaning and intent of the UN Declaration of Human Rights on the 60th anniversary of the declaration.

The unborn need us exponentially MORE today than they did on November 3rd.  C-FAM is sponsoring a petition to protect the world’s children and families by speaking up for life at the UN.  We need to not just match but far surpass the number of names that the other side will present as evidence of public sentiment.

For those of you who are upset about the election–don’t be.  God is in control; trust Him in all things.  Continue to act on behalf of life and family and sign this petition today.  For those of you who believe that social justice is the way to solve the abortion problem in the world, what a tremendous blessing to know of your support for this petition, as the most basic form of social justice that any government can provide its citizens is the right to life and family.


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