Obama's Legal Admission of Kenyan Birth???

I was already concerned about the information on this site.

However, by moving to block discovery vs. answering specific claims in Attorney Philip J. Berg’s Federal lawsuit within the prescribed 30-day window, Senator Barack Obama and the Democratic National Convention legally admit to the claims presented in the suit.  Among them?  Senator Obama was born in Kenya, and is not eligible to run for the office of President of the United States.

The news release is here, and Berg’s suit can be found at his website.

Now it remains to see how Obama and the DNC will spin this.  I would have serious trouble believing that a Harvard Law Grad didn’t know about the 30 day rule for responding to claims in a federal lawsuit.  He was ACORN’s attorney, for pete’s sake.  Is he going to tell us that he wasn’t aware of the law?  Or that his ailing Grandma (please pray for her) had him distracted to the point of not responding to the lawsuit?  What the DNC’s excuse?  As a side note:  look for the “official” document from the State of Hawaii to be released on or after Obama’s return from visiting his Grandmother in…Hawaii.

My heart is heavy today; this is not a good day for Democracy.  I’d much rather have an honest debate of the issues–not have to wade through the scandal of such a foundational deception of the good people of our nation.


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