Saturday Morning Coffee with the Holy Spirit

Do you ever wonder why it is that we have been created in our bumbling humanity?  Why God made us in this way, why He allowed Original Sin, why He gives us free will in the first place?  I wonder this kind of stuff all the time.  Here is what I was given this morning…

To appreciate help, you must have known the lack of it.

To appreciate a bountiful harvest, you must have known hunger.

To appreciate guidance, you must have known uncertain wandering.

To appreciate friendship, you must have known the pain of loneliness.

To appreciate happiness, you must have known sadness.

To appreciate clarity, you must have known confusion.

To appreciate peace, you must have known chaos.

To appreciate the light, you must have known darkness.

To appreciate being found, you must have known being lost.

To appreciate real joy, you must have known its absence.

If humanity was fashioned in a sort of robotic, “programmed” obedience, we would never fully appreciate the gifts of the Spirit, or anything else for that matter.  Pain and suffering (not that we go looking for it) is a vital part of our human experience and gives us an authentic appreciation of the blessings in our lives.

Truly, there is no Resurrection without the Crucifixion.

Bottom of the cup; better go and get something done today.  Happy Saturday.  : )


One Response to Saturday Morning Coffee with the Holy Spirit

  1. Doris B says:

    Appreciate Life and Love while you can. You never know how long it will be with you. I Love you Galen, I know you are resting in peace with our Blessed Lord.

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