The Island in the Desert

Sometimes, it’s just what you need.

We are stationed in a very remote place–here in the United States, no less. But you still could probably use a passport to get here. : )

Life in Texas was very good to us, even with two deployments in four years, training time, blah, blah, blah, good neighborhood, great friends, phenomenal parish and our tireless shepherd, Father Richard.

Even so, we are tired, tired people, desperately needing a break from the deployment-go-round. Our last duty station has about the *worst* hospital system in the entire military and we are very excited about the hospital here (its excellent reputation precedes it) and being able to actually get an appointment when we need to be seen.

Hub’s work schedule is set in stone through 2010–a luxury that we’ve never had in sixteen years of military life. I’m still processing the idea that we’ll actually get to plan family time…vacations…VACATIONS?!… And I’m sure there’s other stuff people do with time off, but we’ve never really had any, so we’ll just have to figure that one out as we go along.

Checking out the flyers in the hallway of the hotel here, it looks like there will be plenty to keep Boyville humming right along. A “Smart Start” camp for Fireball; British Soccer Camp for Middlin; Grappling for Firstie (anyone know anything about Grappling? I guess I’d better google it…)

Tess The Newf is still in Puppy Jail, and we miss her terribly, although we do go at least once a day to visit and take her for a walk. That’s a real high point in our day when we can play with the Kid. Hopefully, we’ll be able to move into Temporary Housing this week and be able to bring her in with us. Not sure on that one, but we’ll see.

Starting up the business is proving interesting so far, but I have the first piece of this mysterious puzzle figured out. Now, if I could only get the rest of the pieces to fall nicely into place, I can actually start working on the orders that my kind friends and clients have placed. Getting very itchy pliers, too–they’re ready to start winding up a sterling and bronze storm! 🙂


One Response to The Island in the Desert

  1. snowbabies says:

    so good to hear from you! Prayers for an easy transition.. and get in to see that Dr asap!

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