7 Facts About Me

A Meme! (When I Should be A Cleaning!)

Lynn at Signs and Wonders tagged me for this one. It’s all your fault, Lynn! ; )

1. I should be cleaning right now, as we are clearing our house in the morning and there is still a TON to do! But this is way more fun, so I’m sneaking it in real quick. O: )

2. Once upon a time, I had my student pilot’s license to fly a hot air balloon. Now those were some great times!

3. My greatest personal challenge in life is to be heard. I’ve always struggled with that.

4. I’ve been the luckiest girl in the world for 16 years this Friday. Happy Anniversary, my Love!

5. I can type just about as fast as speaking speed. But nt witout typoes.

6. My favorite color is purple, especially the periwinklish/lavenderish shades. : ) : ) : )

7. We have a fabulous Newfoundland, Tess, who is technically a living organism, but more closely resembles a speed bump with a pulse. I promise I will blog her one of these days.

I tag Sue at Become What You Are!


2 Responses to 7 Facts About Me

  1. Nanna Carol says:

    Nice sharing Jennifer. Not so sure I could “tell all” like you do. I have been trying to get you all day. I was serving a funeral Mass at 10 when you called. Hope it went well. Our love is with each one of you very special people and especially you and John. It seems like a lifetime ago that Dad and I walked our oldest down the isle. What an incredibuly special day that was for us. Hugs and kisses to my boys and to hug and John. God Bless you and keep you safe on your trek to the Mojhve Desert. Still can’t beleive you are going West and not East. God works in strange ways for sure.


  2. donnamarie says:

    Happy Anniversary ! Thinking of you both and sending many prayers to you this day!

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