The Sweetest Melody

On Thursday, we said goodbye to the finest music teacher any child could ever be so blessed to have. Elaine has been exactly that blessing for us. Military life is a swirling tornado of uncertainty, so when you find those special people who aren’t just there for you, but consistently lift you up, you have found a rare gem, indeed. Elaine was always honest with the boys, always respected them, maintained high expectations (regardless of whether or not they met them) with a positive attitude fueled by a genuine love for music, and for them.

Elaine and Boyville

L-R: Middlin (violin, “trying not to cry”); Firstie (piano); Elaine; and Fireball.

If you live in Central Texas, you would be hard-pressed to find a better music teacher to inspire a love of music–and God Himself–in your child.

Thank you, Elaine, and God bless! You should know that the car ride was very quiet on the way home. :’ (

We will miss our Thursdays for more than just the music…


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