Happy Birthday, Middlin!

Boo!  I\'m 9!

Middlin turned 9 this week–hurray! He had a blast getting spoiled by family and friends. And we also did something new this year: no presents at his friend party.

Well, not exactly no presents.

We have a major move coming up; it’s hard to breathe from all of the stuff we’ve accumulated over the years here in this house. Inspired by another globally-minded youngster, we thought it would fun to try another kind of birthday party: instead of the usual suspects (Legos…Nerf guns…Legos…light sabers…Legos…straightjacket for mom…), Middlin asked for gifts of diapers to benefit his favorite local charity. His friends (and even Nana, too!) gave him a load of diapers that are going to the local crisis pregnancy center. What a great way to celebrate being alive.

His family party? Cake, ice cream…and Legos. : ) (as it should be!)


One Response to Happy Birthday, Middlin!

  1. Happy birthday!

    I’m so glad to get a look at one of those handsome fellas! When are we going to see th rest?

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